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Music to your ears!

Something new, unique, and very exciting has arrived. For the first time, the music industry has incorporated a fantastic affiliate program with incredible products. There are several ways to earn money, and not a better opportunity than what you'll find at Music Forte.



Music Forte is a program for everyone. Even if you hate music, you'll love the compensation plan. Music Forte provides a 3x6 forced matrix that pays out $4266.30 for only a monthly fee of $15. Additionally, you'll earn $10 bonus payments for every direct referral. There are three membership options, (platinum, musician, and customer) and they all provide unique rewards. The "platinum module" is the affiliate portion of the site. It includes a 6-month online course in the instrument of your choice. The lessons are written by professional musicians and updated in your back office on a weekly basis. You'll also have access to the "Music Mart" where you can buy or sell music equipment. Public forums are available for discussion, and Live Support is operated on the site.

For musicians, there is the "musician module." This joining plan is geared for those who have a lesser interest in the affiliate opportunity and a stronger interest in music. Members of the "musician plan" will be able to contact with other Music Forte registered musicians, so that they can collaborate and create music. They will also be able to contact our instructors through a private online email facility. Membership is only $25 annually, but don't worry - you can still earn big. When you refer a musician, you will be awarded a $10 bonus. After that you will receive 5% of every project that they complete. A reverse bidding system exists where clients/customers select Music Forte musicians to complete their radio jingles, corporate song, or any other musical project that demands their skills. Musicians can always upgrade their account by adding the "platinum module" When they do so, they will be entered into your affiliate tree. You will be awarded another $10 bonus, plus monthly recurring commissions.

Modules can be upgraded at anytime. Let's look at an ideal situation. You refer a member to the "platinum plan," they later add on the "musician module" and begin completing projects. For this you have earned $20 in bonus cash, plus monthly commissions, plus a percentage of the project fees. The earning potential is extraordinary!

Click here to join... http://tinyurl.com/2qk6p

Tom Broadbent


519-672-6465 est.

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