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so, the Database Errors used to be every day around 12:00 my time and they lasted about 5 minutes...

that wasn't great, but not that troublesome either - I could live with that

so then came the update and suddenly they became more frequent - while also lasting longer :P

but last weekend we had 2 and a half hours downtime on Saturday and the whole day on Sunday }:(

I know that this was probably a problem from the FusionBB guys,

and I surely hope that this doesn't happen very often :P

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That would be our server, so Farin, your thoughts are likely correct. The advantage to having the boards hosted by the Fusion people is that they can take care of problems internally.

They're pretty good about staying on top of problems, so please continue to let me know if there's stuff I should bring to their attention.

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yes, there were several things - I don't know if you read them in the other thread already:

The Expiration of the PTs - is it going to stay that way (I read in the FusionBB board that you can change it)

the most users ever online gets reset to 0 every night, not much use for that then, is there? :crazy:

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I think I found the post you're talking about Farin. I changed the setting so the PTs shouldn't expire anymore. Let me get this Database Error sorted, and we'll figure out what's up with the most users ever thing.

If there's still a problem with expiring PTs, please post.

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