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Best beats

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This is not about the best drum solos, but you can certainly mention them anyway.

My favorites are the polka-ish beginning to Gypsy Eyes,

When the levee breaks

and the drums in Spanish castle magic.

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I don't know if these count, from the original subject specified, but some of my favorite beats are...

(I don't necessarily like all of these songs)

White Stripes - Various songs

Tool - 46&2

Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell

Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot

Doors - Touch Me

Tom Petty - Built to Last (Liquid Drums)

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Bass)

Queen / David Bowie - Under Pressure

Genesis - Land of Confusion (mostly the opener & middle part)

A bunch of techno & trance (widely DJ mixes) that I also like, I usually listen to it while driving around.

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The drumming is perfect on The Standell's "Dirty Water." The bass pedal work is in exact for different measures repeated throughout the tune. A lot of tunes are like that but that's the first in mind. And it's got a great beat!!

Tim "Herb" Alexander on Primus' "Jerry was a Race Car Driver." Love that beat whether Tim is using a double bass drum or is one of the fastest foot-pedal players.

I love the beat in the middle of Golden Earring's "Are You Receiving Me."

Love the beat in Pink Floyd's "Pigs (Three Different Ones)."


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