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What would you look like as a South Park Character??


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This is a pretty fun program to use:

South Park Studios

All you have to do is create your own South Park character. Once it is compleleted, press the print screen key on your keyboard. Then go into paint, and paste it. And now the screenshot you took will appear. Use the "select" tool to select your character, then cut them out. Then open a new file in paint, and paste it. Then save it and upload it to somewhere so you can post it here. I resized mine down to 300x300. It should be around only 13KB when you save it as a .jpeg.

Here's what I would look like as a South Park character:


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floyd, you look like a stoner dude that has partied one too many times, but that is cool! :beatnik:

Ha ha, thanks!!. I rarely go to parties, and I've only ever drank once. I do look like a stoner in real life though. Someone people in my school are convinced that I smoke pot, and things like that. :laughing:

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