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Oh I'm sure there's others that would agree with ya...Panama is a cool song....infact I viewed that video before I posted the other one....I give Panama 8/10....

Not sure what to post next....someone else can go if they want....

By the way, my hubby hates Journey too.... :P

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That's alright, I guess I'm just a VH elitist that way. I think Sammy Hagar turned them into an almost Journey-like band, and I can't stand Journey. I guess this makes me the only person on Songfacts who's excited about the (possible) reunion tour this fall.

I do beg your pardon, Mr Tim.... Original Van Halen is mightily overlooked...and I'm very excited! ;)

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I like that! funky :coolio: 9/10

Elderly Woman behind the Counter in a Small Town

Vedder said of this song: "It's kind of about a lady, and she's getting on in years, and she's stuck in this small town. Small towns fascinate me: You either struggle like hell to get out, to some people want to stay 'cause then they're the big fish in the small pond, and then others just kind of get stuck there. So here she is working in this little place, and then an old flame comes in, and he's probably driving a nice car and looking kind of sharp - not a fancy car, but he's moved on. And then she sees him, and at first she doesn't even remember who he is, and then she realizes who it is. She's just too embarrassed to say 'hello.'"
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