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Fade To Grey

Follow The Leader

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The fire that burns within is caught in a dead end

That you know that you can't defend

Everyone around you acts and looks fake

With stereotypes they never will shake

Plastic is the main material of course

Hate and greed are the power and force

You're caught in the middle of this mess

And you know that you will break under all this stress

Follow the Leader

Is the name of the game

If you follow the rules

You'll remain the same as everyone else

So for yourself

Break the Chain

Trend after Trend

The game never ends

When you're on the ground watching everyone win

They always say that your pain is someone else's pleasure

But that never turns out for the better

To be yourself is to break the chain

That blinds everyone from the fortune and fame

Follow the leader and risk being strong

I guarantee you that your mentality will be gone

Follow the leader and be disappointed

That all your talents are misjointed

Follow the leader and be disappointed

That all your are misjointed

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