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Risqué album covers


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I believe the Scorpions have one that's just a naked preteen girl. Quite risque!

apparently that album was called 'virgin killer' - pretty sick rather than risqué, i'd say!

john and yoko being nekkid on the cover of 'unfinished music no.1: two virgins' was pretty risqué.

which reminds me of this scene from the simpsons: 'no.8 no.8 no.8 no.8...'

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White Zombie


In 1973 record stores all over the world were hanging posters to promote a new record called “Preserve Wildlife†by a new, up and coming band: Mama Lion.

On that poster was what was to become one of the most contraversial album covers in the history of rock and roll! It showed beautiful blonde lead singer Lynn Carey breast feeding a lion cub. Like most classic album covers, this one is still copied by many artists and strangely enough many of them still get censored!

Preserve Wildlife album cover...


When I was about 11, I was going through my dads records when my landed upon this cover... wholly smokes... this was pretty risqué for 1974 in my house!! - whippedcreamsi5.jpg

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