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Alice Cooper - A Christian?

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*snicker* Bush, Christian? War in Iraq as "God's Will?" Come on, you have to admit something is screwed up there. What God who is so merciful would want you to kill His creations, when it says in the Bible "You cannot kill which you have not created"? Something is wrong in that picture. Any fighting that's truly mandated by God would be fought in Armageddon, where He decides who lives and who dies. Now don't get me wrong, I pray for the Troops' safety, but it just doesn't seem logical for the war in Iraq to be in God's will.

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Im bored, so ima fuel the fire.

God is infinite.

For a being to be infinite it has to encompass everything simultaneously.

Ergo, I am God and God is me.

Therefore I am as equally God as everyone else, including Dubyah.

So the war is God's will.

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