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Greek Vases and all that Jazz.

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Oh simple Dinos how can you compare,

to the tall slender Lekythos?

Which once the grave is dug stands there

but then, without you Dinos we won't have the High Handled Kantharos.

The sweet wine you hold, Round Dinos on you stand

The Oinochoe, it has been said, watered it

which has only the one handle for the hand

Well, I suppose the Panathenaic Amphora won't fit.

The Alabastron may have held the perfume

but you Aryballo oil for Athletes hold

We'll need to use the Hydria for water collection soon

For the Loutrophoros the bridal bathwater to hold

For you, Gods, we have the Phiale

To pour the wine from, taken from a Bell Krater

So with not from our side you'll rally

But remember a Bell Kraters different from a Volute Krater

Same as a trinket box Pyxis

Is different from the two handled Kylix Cups

I really like the Simple Skyphos though, whose purpose is

to enable wine drinking before everyone sups.

Calyx Kraters hold the mixed wine in style

Though the Volute Kraters got no rivals for beauty

And for Olive oil Hydria Calpis go the mile

And the Amphora also suits thee

To stop all thieves the Lidded neck Amphora’s, though boring

For Olive oil is so widely needed,

Oh Pelike I almost forgot! Your great when used for storing!

So now you should know Greek Vases if the use is ever heeded.

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