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signed with regrets

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Ripped out still beating

fluttering in a panic

where are you now my love where?

My heaven, my hell, my love.

So long we looked at each other, looked and barely talked

the snatched squeezes

and closeness of cuddles

ripped out my heart still beating

You turned and walked away from me

never once looked behind

i stood on the hill and looked at you

my eyes drowning my vision

Turning away the cascaded came

flowing down my cheeks

unspoken pain and longing for you

My love my love one glance

all i need is one look

a backward glance of longing

one glance from you to feel my pain

to share in this one thing I feel

I didn't mean to fall in love

not with you just yet

I thought I belonged to someone else

oh my love how can i tell you?

If I could call you my love i would

to explain this situation

I'm sorry I loved you I really did

but i wasn't getting all of you.

I can't share you with cageyness

I can't share you with mis-trust

I don't want that it can't work

you and me, or me and him.

I've made my choice through my heart

i love him so much it hurts

You seem to have forgotten me

And so, my love, it ends right here with regrets.

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