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Oh yea love with downy wings

Let loose to shake your fair locks free

Astride your steed by passion called

You trumpet loud “here stands Love!â€

Oh Love upon Passions ride

A fiery mount indeed

Wings unfurled and hair unbound

Yea boundless as the bounding sea

Each flutter of your downy wings

Releases captive senses

Hearts the hardest against life’s pain

Fall defenceless to their knees

Love! Arise to rouse you steed once more

Arise to fly the sunshine banner

Sunshine to the dark of hearts.

Love! Refrain not from riding proud

Sound you trumpet “here is Love!â€

Stir up your steed of passion

Unfurl the banner, brake pain down.

Trample revenge under your feet

As he grinds his teeth in rage

Over throw darkness, Let it be heard!

Love, she reins again!

Yea people of the darkness listen,

She comes She comes!

Trumpets sounding blasting loud

She claims her right to rule thee

So sweet her hearts song

Note upon note

She sings and fear melts away

She commands and all who hear

Bows to knees.

She stands on high her hair fluttering

Her eyes kiss the heaven on high

Her slender hands tease the reigns

As her steed of passion rides on.

Yes, on, on Love ride on!

Fairest of all and swift of foot!

Leave us not to the wolves of lust,

Nor to the lions of bitter jealousy.

Unfurl the wings the realse the senses!

Whip up Passion, dance to your song

Of sweet purity!

Come with Sisters hope and Dreams!

Come and realse our captive souls!

Come Passion, Hope Dreams!

But most of all Come Love!

Youthful Love playful Queen!

Yea Queen you as such!

What a Queen we have in Love,

As strong as a mother bear

As playful as a summers breeze!

To even try to deny your power

Is foolishness indeed, Love and Passion

As strong as a winters gale,

As unchanging as the deep blue sea.

Downy wings of love unbound,

Fiery sword of Passion unsheathed!

Golden tresses tumbling down

Flirting with the summer’s breeze!

How much longer must we wait?

For you your sisters to gather?

For you your sisters one and all

To come and set us captives free?

Our hearts reach out through these bars

Bars of concrete, cold hard metal!

Longing to touch your soft fair cheek.

Longing to clasp you close to feel

Your sweet warm breath again

Feel the breath that says “I careâ€

To feel the heart beat quicken.

Oh Love to hear your magic formed

Upon the lips of the one you choose

Love that you would guild his heart

To form your magic words

The words that set the doves to call

The words that bring condemned men hope

The words that fire up the furnace of romance once more!

Your words that bring back hope and life

The words that make the lame man dance

And words that brake all bonds and shackles

You, Love, are mans last hope

We turn to you beseeching

We who know your awesome power

We who see Greed’s dreadful grip.

Bring you magic to smash Greed down

Bring sister hope to build us up again!

Bring sister Dreams to show us the way to glory!

Bring brother Zeal to give us the strength

The strength we need to follow

To follow you fiery mount

Whose name we shout is passion!

Above these four, Hope, Passion, Zeal and Dreams

Yea high above this fairest love

Bring us you magic in the words

The magic words you give to us.

To us you entrust in words your own

Passion Longing and Dreams

To us who fritter away hope like water

And words like the leaves of an autumn tree

To us in Words encased, your hope

Such power to build brake or save

In three short words you encase

All you stand for fight for and are

In three short words you plead with us

“Have heart my children pleaseâ€

In three short words in shortness is power

In the three words “I love Youâ€.

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