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There you are, you got this smile moving towards me.

Your eyes set on mine.

One on one, I once let you try, and you tried.

Once we were, laying side by side.

Staring at the sky, knowing the thought in eachothers minds.

And I liked it..

Your looking at me, from right across the ocean.

And now I’m no longer hoping for you to be here.

Cause I’m safe, either way you count it.

You are gold I have found it

And I hope that it is mine..

Cause the way you looked was the way that I hoped.

And the courage it took to get you, I sometimes don’t know.

If the pages were numbered, I’d number them with smiles.

And if you could counter, you’d probably say you like mine.

And I know this, I just sometimes want a little more.

A little more of you, just a little more.

You level head me, you make me sad.

Empty as I can be, you’re still all I’ve ever had.

It’s tough to say and I guess tougher to feel.

I ask a lot of questions, cause sometimes I can’t deal with real.

I’ve seen a lot, but never this storm.

The rain was cold, but being wet was warm.

The last few days have been a little tough.

I’ve walked head down almost in disgust.

And tonight I promise to empty my eyes, not for you but for me.

Maybe a little bit of that is all I need to see.. clearly.

It’s taken a while to get here, but I appear strong on the surface.

And although it seemed harder for you, you have no idea how bad you hurt me.

It’s tough to be here, and to actually be torn as to how you feel.

Not because you don’t like it, but because it just doesn’t seem real.

The two of us, we are one.

Not the same, but still one.

The two of us, making it.

The two of us making it….

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