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You know you suck when you're playing the medium level, only three squares are left and you manage to get yourself killed all the same. :crazy:

(Of course this never happened to me :beatnik: )

fortunatly that never happened to me in hard either :beatnik:

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Help others while expanding your (English) vocabulary: FreeRice.com. Now that I think of it, there should be FreeRice.com sites that test different languages. Like Libero[spanish word for rice].com, [French words for free and rice].com, etc. That'd be cool.

I love this site... :) but "libero" doesn´t mean "rice" in Spanish, you say "arroz"... "libero" means "free" in Italian... that would be LiberoRiso.com (Italian), ArrozGratis.com (spanish) and RizGratuit.com (French) :laughing:

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nono.... I think what Epiphany was trying to say was FreeRice in Spanish but she only knew the word for Free (libero) so she's left the word for rice 'open.' Like there's a Libero[spanish-word-for-rice].com

Of course, it's a different matter that Libero is Italian :D

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