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Gretchen Peters (Independence Day)


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This morning I spoke with Gretchen Peters who, although you may not know her name, there's a real good possibility you'll know her songs.

Gretchen wrote "Independence Day" which was recorded a while ago by Martina McBride, and more recently by Carrie Underwood for her first album. She says everybody asks her if she was a victim of domestic abuse, since that's what the song is all about. But she wasn't... she just has a good knack for putting her mind in different situations.

She is a very prolific songwriter, very succinct in her lyrics and yet unbelievably eloquent. A few of her other hits that we talked about are "If Heaven" by Andy Griggs, "On A Bus To St. Cloud" by Trisha Yearwood, and "The Secret of Life" by Faith Hill.

She was great to talk to, full of energy and information about her songs, someone that is very approachable. She's got a new CD coming out in April and said (with a laugh) that she'd LOVE to talk about that one, since it's her "divorce CD." :grin:

So we will be talking again in the near future...

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