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:laughing: :laughing:

I just read Peachy´s post where she asks why men find boobs so fascinating... then Elvy posted "it's almost like a hobby for me sometimes..." and I thought :shades: ... till I realised Elvy was talking about shopping... :laughing:

I love this place and these people... :cool:

Peachy, I also ignore the answer to your question. I guess it´s because we are girls, if we knew we would be guys (or lesbians, as you pointed) :cool:

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I hate shopping of any kind.

I generally don't like the "men vs women" topics in this thread, but I have a question for the fellas (and lesbians, if we have any). Why are boobs so fascinating? Sure, they are nice to look at, I suppose, but they don't really do anything. I just don't understand.

In our Puritan culture they are something forbidden to look at ; yet so appealing and comforting in a child/ mother-like kind of way. For men , I think their exposure is even more soothing and appealing than genitalia , which spurs deeper , carnal desires rather than veneration .

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Boobs...mmmm...I see why men like them, they can be awesome to look at and they are like out there for all to see. I notice boobs on women, but not in a sexual sense, more of those are fake, or those are huge, or those are perfect, stuff like that when I look. My one girl friend and I will be at a mall and we will sit like in the middle and watch chicks and guys to by and comment on body parts.

Just a sidenote, when it comes to famous people, I think Halle Berry has a nice pair! :blush:

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Something shopping and boob related. When Nicholas is near the bra section of a store, he feels the need to announce it by saying, "Boob...boob...boob..." etc. The other day he was even counting: one boob, two boob, three boob :laughing:

I think breastfeeding may have made him a boob man :blush:

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Hehehe Elvy...I went bra shopping one time with my daughter, she was around 6 or 7 or so at the time...She said "which ones do you need mommy, these right here?...she was looking at the double DD section...LOL...so I said "umm no farther down this way sweetie, so she said here?..nope farther down.....a little farther...Here we go...LOL... :P

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and this brings about another lovely story I have that happened to me when I was about 21 or so.

I was in the lingerie section of Sears looking for bras. An older man came up to me and said, "Do you mind if I ask what size do you wear?" Looking around at the racks of bras that surrounded us, my jaw went slack, and I said, "Ummm... excuse me?" At which point he looked around, realized what had just transpired, and got all flustered... "I'm sorry, I'm trying to buy a nightgown for my granddaughter, and you are about her size." So I took pity on him and told him what size I wore. In nightgowns. :grin:

These stories might be evidence enough for a good case against men shopping, and why they hate it :grin: :grin:

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The feminine form has a rythmn (certainly during movement, but even when stationary) that is extremely alluring to most men. The lines formed by the boobs and bunda accentuate, if not define, that rythmn; much the same as pianisimo and forte, meter and tempo in music.

To the earlier questions about snuggling - there is also the act of very lightly stroking one's lover's skin or hair, that in Portuguese is termed "cosiguinha" (coes - géen - ya.) Invariably at some point before finally going to sleep each night, my wife will say (like a little girl), "Do cosiguinha." I wrote this poem about it:

Lamp Of The Genie

I feel your warmth, your love

Through your fingers

I sense gentle compassion

As your palm moves softly over my body

The very being of your soul

Passes from your fingertips to my flesh

While you move

Outlining my physical existence

Your hand is all I need to wear

Your touch is healing me

You have a way of imparting those qualities

That make you so lovely

Each time you stroke my skin.

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Beautiful, Ron.

Leave it to you to add a touch of class to even the raunchiest of threads. :grin:

... and just who are the guilty parties that make them ' raunchy ' ?! ( Shawna /Peaches/ Sammy ( but he's hopeless ) *Cough , cough * ;) ) Ahem ! Something in my throat , I guess ... :angel:

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don't worry Kevin, I wasn't offended at all :) merely confused (because my post has nothing to do at all with religion :) )

and it's true - I was born in the "Russian Zone" (although I wouldn't call it that), but since the Berlin Wall fell when I was 4 years old I doubt that it had a large influence in my life :)

and our region is indeed mainly Protestant, but I, myself, am a Atheist :)


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