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speaking of morticians... does anyone watch the reality show "Family Plots"? It's filmed at the Poway/Bernardo Mortuary in Poway, California, which is where I grew up. I attended my boyfriend's best friend's funeral there, and my best friend's mom's funeral there.

It's freaky... I don't watch the show but in bits and pieces, and I have seen people I know on there.

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I have a question for men. Don´t you love to sleep on clean sheets, smelling of lavender or jasmine, smooth, comfortable... in a fresh, aired room with no dust, no beer cans, no rests of food?

My sleeping room is my shelter so I ty to keep it cosy. I notice that men never say "Mmmm, clean good smelling sheets!"...

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I'm like that too. I sleep best when there's not a bulk in male form next to me snoring and farting, and generally doing the things that males do in their sleep.

I do not snore (as for farting I'm not sure) but that's not my problem with being in bed with someone else. It's the fact that they actually have to keep "snuggling" while I try to sleep. It also reduces the space needed to lay as I please to get comfy. :grin:

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