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Ask the opposite sex

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And I'll just get my 10c in.

Jane, women usually worry about different things to what men do; so that makes it tougher to communicate. Sometimes one can't understand why the other would bother worrying about 'such a thing'. My Wife and I have shared many 'worries', usually about our children, or health issues.

Shawna, I'd suggest some nice manly after shave, or splash on.

Also, going back to a previous topic, Johnny G and I agree on something for once. I love my Wife just as much now as when we were first married some 37+ years ago. True beauty comes from within.

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I felt guilty that, for some reason, my wife was looking increasingly baggy, lined face and wobbly arsed. 'Jeez' I thought. 'There's something wrong with me, she looks like she's getting old and, for some reason, I'm noticing it....I must be a bad person.'

And then I realised that I love that wobbly arse, I love those crinkly eyes and I love that wicked smile more than I ever loved her youthful beauty....so, maybe I get what the story was all about. They look different, but we love them more.

Sorry to hear that Mrs. Guitar has let herself go a bit...But it's great that you're so open-minded about it. It is important to focus on the more important aspects of the physical deterioration that comes to all of us at some time or another: e.g. "does she still give you the horn?" ;)

On the plus side, I suppose the lumbering form of the "wife gone to seed" offers the ideal justification for ones own lack of interest or flagging performance, without one having to feel too guilty about it.

Thankfully, Mrs Fitter's flirtation with bagginess and wobbly arse occurred quite early in adult life, so the "Will you still love me when I'm..." dilemma can always be countered with the "Well, I did before, remember?" As it happens, Mrs F looks after herself, (yoga, jogging, swimming) and at 41- with only the odd grey hair and unreliable memory to show for it- appears to be entering her prime. My only problem is keeping up with her insatiable appetite. :smirk:

Why else do you think I spend so much time on the Internet? ;)

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I meant 'heads' as in pretty faces, which is what I look at first in a woman. Here in Oz we 'toss a coin' to decide different things - usually in Sports, e.g. which team kicks off in the Footy game.

Our coins have the Queen's head on one side(heads) and a design on the obverse (tails). I hope that clears up all those terrible things you were thinking. I just realised what they might be ! Being pure of heart, it took me a while.

I was going to tell you how we play 'Two Up' with coins, but that could lead to even more innuendoes. And also it's usually only played by men. That's enough !


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