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You've got to do more than the best you can

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There's a riot of color in my mind

You catalysed it with your eyes

I used to see in black and white

But now I see the red lipstick from our last 'goodnight'

I've got a tattoo on the back of my hand

That says "You've got to do more than the best you can"

That's a paradox, and it's just for you

They make me feel as if I have a clue

Then a flame's triggered inside me

And then you flicker beside me

I need someone to guide me

Because I just don't know the way

You've started exuding everything that I hate

It's all just superficial what you contemplate today

I bet you wish your life was an utter mess

Then you'd bottle it up, just so you could impress

Then a flame's triggered inside me

Then you flicker beside me

Don't really want you to guide me

But I need somebody's love.

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