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We recently spoke with Alex Call, who wrote the song that became the most famous phone number in the United States. He's a really nice guy and a real interesting story. He was lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the band Clover, which came this close (holds 2 fingers about an inch apart) to hitting it big - they had Mutt Lange producing, a band full of great musicians (including Huey Lewis), a gig backing up Elvis Costello on his first album, and Nick Lowe as a mentor.

We had an interesting discussion about song titles that enter the collective conscious, like how all of the sudden there were 5 songs called "Hero." That's what happened with "Power Of Love." He wrote a song with that title, told Huey about it, and the rest is Songhistory. Now, it seems 867-5309 is making a comeback. No longer an incredible annoyance, the number is now coveted because it is quirky and easy to remember. Cingular Wireless makes this point in a new commercial where Jenny gets to keep her phone number. This after a guy with the Manhattan exchange tried to sell it on Ebay.

For a good read, check out the Songfacts on these:


Power Of Love

Little Too Late

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Say Carl, I wonder if the comeback had anything to do with this ---> 867-5309/Jenny (from my 'Intromania' guitar lesson

Okay, I just wanted to brag about taking the credit :: but the lesson has over 400,000 hits (it's all intros, 20 of them).

I LOVE that intro.

Say Carl, don't mention it to him about that intro... you know music publishers... but it's a free site and I make no money at all but it does make you wonder IF any intros from that lesson actually made someone buy the album. With that in mind, I hope TT sold some extra albums.


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