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Larry Burnett (Firefall)


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I love this job! For my second personal interview for Songfacts, I talked to Larry Burnett, founder and lead singer for Firefall. He wrote their first big hit "Cinderella."

Larry has a wicked, dry sense of humor, so naturally he was someone I connected with, and a very fun 50-minute conversation. He's been told by a "big name psychic" that he is a tall, gray weed from another planet. That story was too long to get into, but funny in its own virtue. Because if you've ever seen Larry, he is indeed tall.... and gray. We'll let the "weed" part rest for now. :grin:

He gave me some back stories on several Firefall songs, including "Cinderella," and a couple of his new tunes from his recent album "Confidence Game."

Larry gave me only one request about the songfacts that I write as a result of this interview. He says I can say whatever I want, just "please spell my name right." :grin:

If you'd like a pre-songfacts visit to his Web site, go here Larry Burnett and you'll read some very funny stuff about a guy who's been through it all. Oh, and it's a true story.

for the full interview, go to http://www.songfacts.com/int/2007/06/larry-burnett-firefall.html

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