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The shattered heart of a lost and found soul.

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The shattered heart of a lost and found soul.

I love you so much, you names but a whisper

You've captured my heart, let me go.

I don't want to love you, i can't stand the pain

It hurts me it kills me, so sharp, heres the blade.

Pushing yourself in my heart like this blade

is pushing against my skin, there can be no more smiles

Not while your like this,

I want them I want to love.

Not to love you, not you but anougher,

he's softer and kinder and loving

you hurt me and taunt me and kill me inside

let me go what you do is so cruel.

I love you so much it makes my tears fall

this bed that I sleep in is cold

the tears are soaking my pillow at night,

my soul, eyes heart they all cry.

I love you, I love you, I love you

I can't stop this hushed cry

I need you I want you to heal all my pain

Yet I don't, my loves not yours.

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