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Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

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Just saw Basterds, and I agree with most of what Blueangel wrote - definitely a different take on WWII and refreshing in its portrayal of Jews. I loved the movie, since it was brilliantly written and filled with unexpected twists. Of course, I'm a big Tarrantino guy.


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compared to horror movies nowadays it's not that scary, but you can practically see in every second scene the influence it had on every vampire movie (or horror movie in general) after it :)


there's also a cool film about the filming of Nosferatu with John Malkovich, where all the actors think that the 'vampire' is just a method actor;)

(forgot the name of it though) :thumbsup:

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Der Freie Wille ("The Free Will")

a difficult movie about a serial rapist, who - after coming out of prison and a "successful" psychiatric treatment - tries to live a normal life, to get to terms with his urges, and eventually falls in love and starts a relationship...

(spoiler: don't expect a happy ending)

7/10 lots of fear and self loathing, but also great actors in that one

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