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Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

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I just watched "The Man From Earth". It's the most simple movie in terms of structure I've ever seen, and I recommend it to everyone. A professor confesses to his colleagues that he is actually thousands of years old. The entire movie is a conversation. Just watch it. It's relatively short, but it will leave you thinking long after it's over.

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Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen.

This movie was quite good, bud not as good as the original. For one thing, it was about 25 minutes too long. For another, Megan Fox is a dreadful actress. There were wayyyy too many shots of her pouty lips. Isn't there any eye candy in Hollywood who can act?

The action and special effects were excellent, as you would expect, and the supporting cast was very good. 7/10

Night At The Museum Battle Of The Smithsonian

This was every bit as entertaining as the first installment. It's amusing, lighthearted entertainment for kids. Hank Azaria was delightfully over-the-top as Khamunrah, the villain of the piece. The special effects were top notch and the supporting cast members were very good. 8/10

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^Didn't Jennifer Lynch win(?) a Razzie for Worst Director for that it? Apparently the apple sometimes falls quite a ways from the tree, though I heard she did a little better on Surveillance.

Last one I saw: The Hurt Locker

One of the best war films I've seen particularly those dealing with Iraq.

It follows a small elite Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team led by bomb disposal expert Staff Sgt. William James as they attempt to defuse various IED's (improvised explosive devices) around the city of Baghdad. The movie doesn't rely on typical battle scenes instead it focuses on the extreme tension not only of trying to disarm a bomb, but of knowing that the person who planted it could be watching you and could detonate it at anytime. At times it feels more like a documentary but it also nicely balances action with showing the men's personal lives and characters and the psychological and emotional effects their job has on them both short and long-term.

Excellent main cast of almost unknown actors (with well-known actors only in minor supporting roles), but who I think pull it off better then perhaps major stars could of. Jeremy Renner is particularly good as Sgt. James, the reckless and confidant, but very skilled bomb specialist who seems to depend on the high the danger gives him. Well written, acted and directed: 9/10

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Yeah, it was directed by Jennifer Lynch. Thankfully, she hasn't forayed too much into directing, writing, acting, or anything in the scene :beatnik:

Just saw G.I. Joe. I loved the cartoon, but this live-action version sucked - no Flint, no Sargeant Slaughter, no Dreadnauts, no evil Crimson Twins... no Bazooka, Breaker, Gung-Ho, LADY JAYE(!), Leatherneck, Mutt, Shipwreck... and Rip Cord is white. However, I did like scarlett's and the baroness's "weapons of mass destruction" :googly:

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The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3

I'd give it an 8/10, I really enjoyed it! Denzel Washington is just so smooth, as asual, and John Travolta is great as an angry/crazy hijacker! It gets real tense at some points, I was never bored throughout the entire movie.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of either of the actors, and also loves a decent night out and an action movie! :)

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It does - and I bought it on my wife's recommend . She thought it was pretty good : take care who you marry . :laughing:

At NO point was it interesting - nor even a little bit bit exciting. I found myself hoping he would blow his lungs out underwater than watch more . I'd rather watch a B-horror than this crap .

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Not by a long shot! It's not bad, but it can't touch that classic.

I haven't seen it, I didn't even know there was an original until a few days after when a friend told me.

I watched Crank: High Voltage this morning. It's a decent action flick with no development of characters really. If you like Jason Statham and just want your brain to melt and not have to think, then this is the movie for you! It's real funny at some points. 7/10

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