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Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

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The trick is to find the 2nd run theatres where you can see a movie after it's out of main theatres but before it's available on DVD. There's one near where I live where I can see movies that came out 4 months ago for 50 cents.

Gran Torino: A-

A very enjoyable movie, even if parts of it were predictable. Also, the symbolism was really obvious. But I kinda liked that about it...it's nice to watch a really good movie that isn't confusing.

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Up (2009)

One of the best animated features I've seen. An excellent adventure film about a cranky old man who, to avoid a retirement home, decides to "fly" his house to South America via balloons accompanied from the start by an enthusiastic boy scout and later by a talking dog and a clinging giant bird.

The characters are cute, but as realistic and convincing as real people would have been. Its funny and exciting visually, but its concept is grounded by the bittersweet decades-long relationship, shown at the beginning in flashes, between the now elderly man and his beloved and recently departed wife beginning from when they were children. This beautiful sequences alone made me like this movie, but the rest is just as entertaining.


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Two guys called 'Gerry' (Matt Damon and Casey Affleck) get lost in the (Utah?) desert and spend the absolute majority of the film walking in silence, trying to find back to civilisation

here's a scene to get you an idea about it - I think the dialogues of the whole film could fit onto one sheet of paper...


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Hmmmm that's hard to say Jenny...maybe you could watch some trailers or clips on it on the internet....there's a couple parts where the animated dogs (doberman pinchers I think) would look kind of scary to a 5 yr old....The main plot or storyline is very good, but there are some slow dragged out parts also....

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Saw "Year One" yesterday with my kid. and I laughed myself silly. I forgot what a bad actor Jack Black is just because I was laughing so hard! And Michael Cera is so low-key, he delivers his lines perfectly as throwaways and it works so well.

For anyone with a really twisted sense of humor, go see this flick. :grin:

8/10 (it's not Oscar material!)

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