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Rate the Last Movie You've Seen


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Seven Pounds...I liked it very much. I'm a sap for that type of movie. And I always enjoy Will Smith flicks.

Without giving away too much it's about a man who blames himself for a terrible tragedy and rather than just offing himself he tries to atone in a very creative way.


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Let The Right One In - Swedish vampire movie.

Here are the facts:

One, Vampires don't like sunlight. If you expose one to sunlight they will go up in flames. Not just sizzle sizzle flames - like towering inferno flames.

Two, Vampires aren't all good looking blokes. They also take the form of 12 year old girls and 80 year old men.

Three, vampires don't delicately suck your blood through hollow fangs. They tear open your jugular and shlurp it out messily without stopping wipe off the stuff around their lips and leaving a puddle on the ground. I'm assuming this is because if they don't get to it fast enough, it will clot.

Four, vampires kill you. gruesomely. Like they twist your head 180 degrees. Again, this is probably out of pity, because no one should want the life of a vampire.

Five, a vampire cannot enter your house without you inviting them in. If they do they will start to sweat blood.

Six, Suicide rates are higher in Northern Europe and now I understand why. I am never going to live in Sweden.

I loved this movie :D It was a vampire romance, sure, but this isn't Hollywood - the romance is between a 12 year old Swedish boy and a 12-forever year old vampire girl. It's very heartwarming especially the part where she decapitates and delimbs and devours the school bullies who are trying to drown the boy. Sigh - 8/10 - sweet closure, I love it.

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We rented "Slumdog Millionaire" last night and 24 hours later I am still wondering why this thing won best picture. I found it disjointed and chock-full of unlikeable characters. I thought I was the odd man out but most of my co-workers and customers weren't fussy about it either. Ah well, beauty and the eyes of the beholder and all that....

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9/10 riveting... but I think Meryl Streep overplays her part a little.

This is one of those movies that really leaves you wondering what is the truth.

I watched this one over the weekend, too Shawna and I agree. Oddly it also leaves one disliking the accuser even more than the possible pedophile.

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