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I knew that. I thought I'd just wait until you prodded me into action. I'll try and come up with something.

I did make an effort in the immediate aftermath of successfully solving the last one, but it just didn't work out. And, anyway, after my previous debacle, I have to make sure my next attempted anagram is flawless. Y'dig?

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Maybe in the second effort, yes, it looks like I might have missed an "a". Stuff happens.

I only posted that one, hurriedly, out of frustration at the lack of response to my first anagram of "Arabian Knights" - Siouxsie And The Banshees (see Post#427214). There's alot of letters in that band-name...easy

mistake to make... :blush:

(I'll get my coat....)

Looks like I missed an "a" out of "Arabian", in both efforts, not the band name at all.

I'll get my coat...again. :blush:

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No need to leave, b-f. It was a great anagram to solve. Very challenging on the group name, which was fine in terms of letters. It was the song name. I was dancing around it, so a little googling help sort it out.

I meant no offense by pointing out the omission. It was just an observation. I have had others point out my errors to me on this thread, and while it was embarrassing, it was also helpful.

Please do stick around, b-f!!!!! I meant no offense.

Here's my next one:

Stroke Teeth Growl - Ann Cheated

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