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Rock & Roll Jeopardy 2

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After some extensive research, I've come up with "Second Winter" by Johnny Winter, from 1969. Is this correct?

I had that album in the early seventies... :) :)

And, yes, he does have a famous brother. I believe it's Jonathan Winter. :jester:

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

:laughing: :laughing:

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I remember seeing that on TV a few weeks ago :tongue:


Heavy Metal influences for $412.39 (tax included)

He wanted to write the "loudest, nastiest, sweatiest rock number we could" after reading a Pete Townshend interview describing a Who track (possibly "I Can See For Miles") as "The most raucous rock 'n' roll, the dirtiest thing they'd ever done." This was the result.

(I need songwriter and song) :grin:

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He´s been saying that for years. Every time I read something about "Helter Skelter", McCartney is saying the same...

It´s the only song in the history of the Billboard charts to hit number one three times (first time in 1970, second time in 1981 by "Stars On 45"; third time in 1986 by Bananarama).

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I have a hard one and an easy one, but since the hard one is really hard, I'll go with this:

He holds the record for the oldest male to have a #1 Hit Song, both in the US and the UK - but with different songs. (artist is obligatory, but it would be nice to have both songs :) )

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