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Rock & Roll Jeopardy 2


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Sorry chutz, Kramer has a Pearl drum kit and he was only credited with coming up with Aerosmith's band name, not creating any artwork, etc.

Seems tougher than I anticipated.

hint: This drummer came from a military family.

Hope that helps :grin:

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Okay... I'm running low on hints, but hoping these will help:

- made his drumset out of plexiglass (maybe the first to be made with plexiglass)

- started playing when he was in sixth grade (early 60's) & still performs today

- lived in over 30 states

I can't really think of anything else other than band names :tongue:

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3 more hints. Can't think of any more:

-Respected (even idolized) by many drummers for his drum solos which were lengthy and cutting-edge for that time.

-Never played with Led Zep :tongue:

-Was shown playing via YouTube link in a post not many weeks ago.

I'll leave it until Monday or Tuesday then I'll reveal the answer if no one can get it by then. :grin:

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Sorry, Zabber, Neil uses Drum Workshop equipment. :badcomp:

It seems I've managed to stump the greatest musical minds here. I didn't think that was possible! I'll just relieve you all from this hell!


Who is Ron Bushy of Iron Butterfly? :rockon:

Anyone who wants to go next, feel free! :grin:

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Actually it was bassist Phillip Taylor Kramer who disappeared in 1995. He called Bushy & told him he loved him more than life itself before his disappearance.

As for Bushy, he did an interview with DrumHead magazine not long ago. A few lines from the Q&A:

DH: OK: Iron Butterfly — Led Zeppelin. Same combination: something very heavy and something light that flies. Any connection there?

RB: Yes there is. Obviously we were a band before Led Zeppelin, but Jimmy Page told me that basically their name was based off of us. As a matter of fact, I think Zeppelin’s very first date in the States was when they opened for us at the Fillmore East in New York.

DH: What was your impression of Bonham, seeing him for the first time when they opened up for you?

RB: The guy was awesome, you know, what can I say?

There's some drum trivia! :drummer: :grin:

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I just had to look this up to see what happened to Kramer:

As per Wiki:

"On May 29, 1999, Kramer's Ford Aerostar minivan and skeletal remains were found by photographers looking for old car wrecks to shoot at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California. Based on forensic evidence and Kramer's emergency call to the police, authorities ruled his death as a probable suicide committed on the day on which he was last heard."

My inquiring mind just wanted to know ;)

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It's not the "laughing" version of Elvis' "Are You Lonesome Tonight", is it? He changed one of the lines and corposed for the rest of the song...


Do you stare at your hallway and picture me there?

Changed to:

Do you stare at your body and wish you had hair?


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