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Have you seen me? II

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I've actually been around almost 2 years more than you, Ray! Another secret about me is that 6 months after I joined my account mysteriously vanished. I managed to get it restored though I lost some 400 posts! Laurie and I share an SF anniversary actually, we're just 4 members away from each other.But our registration dates are 6 months apart :grin:

Ahem, no you need not use the suffix, I don't mind at all! It's not essential :grin:

[i just thought of that registration story yesterday and was looking for an excuse to tell it]

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because I talk lots but I provide explanations as to why
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San (ã•ã‚“, San?) is the most common honorific and is a title of respect. It is used for the surnames or given names of both males and females. Although in translation san is usually rendered as a common courtesy title like “Mr.†or “Ms.â€, unlike these it is never used in self-reference.

San may also be used in combination with nouns describing the addressee or referent other than the person's name; for example, a bookseller might be addressed or referred to as honya-san ("bookseller" + san) and a butcher, as nikuya-san ("butcher" + san).

San is also used when talking about companies and other similar entities. For example, the offices or shop of a company called Kojima Denki might be referred to as "Kojima Denki-san" by another nearby company. This may be seen on the small maps often used in phone books and business cards in Japan, where the names of surrounding companies are written using san.

Although, strictly speaking, not an honorific title in this usage, san is also attached to the names of some kinds of foods; for example, fish used for cooking can be referred to as sakana-san. Likewise, this suffix is sometimes applied to animals—a rabbit might be usagi-san.

"Mr. Grocery Store" and "Miss Rabbit" ? :stars:

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