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Have you seen me? II

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I missed you too, Sweeet!! :smile:

I missed all of my friends here, but as I said before (somewhere) I'll probably be around almost 24/7 in a week or 2 when my roomie and her son take off for a month :grin:

Then you will all pray for me to disappear again!!! :devil: :smirk: :laughing:

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Where has Bloof been? Or have I just missed her? Also I know she was posting sporadically, but HD (Henry David) has been missing completely for quite a while.... :crazy:

Namahage just posted and nominated (he missed voting) in the last top ten.

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I would like to let you guys know that yes, johnnyguitar was banned, for one week. It was due primarily to his unfortunate use of language when a mod sent him a PT asking him to please, after a week, cease and desist with his argument regarding what should be considered wholesome entertainment for a family site, and what shouldn't.

His ban began on July 6, and to my knowledge ended on the 12th, or perhaps the 13th...

That being the case, could anybody confirm that his ban has actually been lifted and he is free to re-enter the site.

It's not so many months since an ex-SongFactor threatened to butcher him in his back-garden (or summat like that), so naturally, I can't help being slightly concerned for his welfare.

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