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What are you craving II

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A nasty Waffle House breakfast with eggs, grits, hashbrowns (scattered, smothered and covered), and of course, 14 pounds of bacon.

A big honking Fred Flinstone Brontosaurus burger topped with bleu cheese and fried onion rings.

Greasy fried fish with equally greasy hush puppies.

A 5 gallon trough of Ben & Jerry's Neopolitan Dynamite ice cream.

Pretty much everything I can't have and that would tear me a new one if I decided to try any of it. :(

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I was in Carlisle last June for the car show. I ordered a supposedly true-blue Philly cheese steak sandwich. Little did I know that "Philly" meant tomato sauce.

I hate tomato sauce on my cheese steak sandwich. It makes the sub-roll all gooey and mushy.

Sliced tomatoes are fine, though.

They do have fine car shows along with the great Appalachian trail!


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Marcus, Carlisle is pretty far removed from anything Philly. And Philly Cheesesteaks, even in the Little Italy section of South Philly, never have tomato sauce. Never. Sliced tomatoes would only be included on a Cheesesteak Hoagie.

As an out-of-towner you'd be permitted to order a Pizza Steak which would have pizza sauce.

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Come to Philly.

Depending on which direction one comes from I'll also mention a definite plus for visiting Amish country.

They make good jam, barns/gazebos whilst being none too concerned about increased fuel bills and cable television. The Lebanon bologna and peanutbutter-chocolate eggs are to die for.

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