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Henry David

What sweetens your coffee today II

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*lucky #13

Is that smiley;

1- Lucy Ricardo

2- Wendy's hamburger girl

3- Raggedy Andy/Ann

5- Carrot-Top

6- Li'l orphan Annie

7- Li'l Red-haired-girl from Charlie Brown

8- David Letterman's 3rd daughter

9- Ron Howard's first daughter

10- All The Above . . .

11- None of the above

12- Undecided

13- Don't give a rat's behind*


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I don't have to work. I kinda did it as a favor for a friend. It turned out to be a nightmare. I may decide to get another job but only if it's something part time and something I won't absolutely hate.

The reason I quit this job is because my supervisor has made it impossible for me to work there. She does everything she can to make my job as hard as she can. I'm a very easy going person and have never had a problem getting alone with people. I have dealt with her crud for over a year now and enough is enough.

Pretty sad when you find out nobody can get along with her. I guess she just hates everybody except her family. There are only two of us working now that aren't related to her in some way or other and the other guy is looking for a new job because he knows he will be her next target.

The owner made a big mistake allowing her to hire her family members to work there. She is forcing the rest of us out so she can give the jobs to her sisters etc. Most places have a policy against that. I guess he'll find out the hard way when she keeps running people off.

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Congrats, Lea!!! :thumbsup:

Now you´ll have some time for yourself and when you need a new job you´ll look for it... .cool:

I´m glad cause my mother and sis&bro&s-i-l are back in Spain after a two weeks trip to Russia and other strange places around. They went to the towns where my grandparents were born (they had to leave Russia before Stalin would avoid them to escape) and I feel better knowing they´re no longer riding through some Moldavian or whatever zones which are not the safest place in the world.

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