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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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I think I've found an investor who'll help me publish my work. :grin:

We're meeting in 3 weeks, but I don't foresee any problems as the book will be available online (print on demand) meaning that initial printing costs are minimal (due to printing co's only shipping AFTER payment). I will also take on half of the initial set-up costs & my partner will receive all profits.

I can't see anyone refusing that deal... :P

Edit: Just received a message from my investor. He told me to keep writing. We're going along with it! :happybanana:

Just wants to meet up to go over the details when he's back in town.

My book may be on shelves/online by early to mid 2014! :thumbsup:

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Had to add new info...
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That's always fun. I remember listening to New Order as well and looking around me as real life seemed to mirror songs ... :cool: and then someone would always ruin your 'buzz7 by asking 'What are you listening to ?!? ' .

I gives 'em looks, they gives me space... :badcomp:

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Thanks, everyone. I think the interview went well...at least it was good practice. I haven't interviewed in a looooong time.

It's quite a commute, but a good friend of ours works there, AND I'll finally have disposable income, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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