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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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There are no coincidences! Sound doesn't die when its traveling, it makes waves, which cause vibrations, which cause movement and who knows which butterfly's wings were disturbed by these sonic movements to cause such a chain of events that led us to this point...

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As I walked out of class, I saw a bunch of students, and I'm talking 100+, marching and chanting "What do we want? NO MORE VIOLENCE! When do we want it? NOW!" I then proceeded to ask them if they could wait until next Tuesday, because tonight wasn't good for me.

I then went to my dorm and played Call of Duty.

It made me giggle a little :D

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I have a rather unique problem with my foot/ankle called os trigonum syndrome. Basically I have a floating extra bone in between the heel and ankle. When the extra bone moves, it tears connecting tissue and causes pain swelling etc. It is most common in ballet dancers which gives anyone who knows me a good laugh.

Anyway, one of my co-workers happens to be a trained acupuncturist. He knows I've been in great pain since Saturday. A trip to the emergency room on Wednesday once again confirmed the diagnosis and they gave me indocin and percoset (slept well). However, my friend brought in his acupuncture needles today and treated my bum leg...feels pretty good now too...still, I'm going to head home soon for some more percoset.

I'm all for combining ancient Chinese healing and modern pharmaceuticals.

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