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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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I love it when the bull wins (if only temporary), especially after it kills the matador, runs into the crowd taunting it, and takes out a few more sub-humans before it's finally (unfortunately) destroyed!

A shame when the bull beats the matador, they destroy it. (the bull is doomed no matter the outcome) There's nothing like competing while realizing that whether you win or lose, you still lose.

I mean, it's bad enough to tease the bovine with a red (does it matter which colour) cape but to also stab it with barbed spikes behind its neck where it can't see? Just to paralyze the bull so it can't lift its neck up? Shoot, why not use a chain-saw and chop off its legs, too? Either way, the bull is rendered defenseless by a mindless insect behind a cape applauded by a collective insect colony chanting:


Cowards, I say! If the bull wins, then put it out to pasture and let it live the rest of its days peacefully, with lots of heifers! To that bull I'd say,"toro ¡bravo!"

The only thing crueler than bullfighting, I think, is seal-clubbing or shooting fish in a bucket w/double ought buckshot cartridges.


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Today is the first day since a week ago last Thursday that I have had a moment to do anything outside of packing and cleaning. So I was able to transcribe my Asher Roth interview, and it reminded me of what a great kid he came across as. I'm glad that my kid is a fan.

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Really? Because just going by his music, he comes off as a huge douche.

:laughing: Well, I suppose if I were much younger and actually listened to his music, I might think that. As it was, he's fairly clean-cut, very articulate, great attitude, just very nice, and my kid asked me to interview him, so I did. And I'm happy that my kid likes someone like that as opposed to "battle rappers" who use 4-letter words every other word they speak.

On the other hand, my kid also likes Kid Cudi, and that makes me cringe.

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Kid Cudi is better, but that's like saying getting hit in the face is better than getting hit in the balls.

And now for something totally different: Last night I went to a team trivia thing with some friends. The music question we got: "Jim Morrison was the lead singer of which rock band?" I couldn't stop laughing. What are the odds? (I got it right, btw.)

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