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What sweetens your coffee today II

Henry David

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Seeker's recommend of http://wechoosethemoon.com . Really gives a decent real-time simulation of what the world must have heard/seen/felt while the Apollo 11 mission was taking place . You can hear the coms when they actually occurred , etc . and see a CGI of the various important stages when they actually took place . Very cool . The mission will land on July 20th , at the same time when they actually landed . I was only 3 then so have no recollection of it , but do remember watching later missions on TV.

The crew are sleeping right now and about 40% of the way there , so very little going on right now, but I just heard an update from Houston Control about the medical data they were receiving showing that all 3 were in a sleep mode. How could you sleep being the first to the moon - I can't even sleep on an airplane ?!?!

Fun to check in and see if anything is going on as well as a few other features you can look at too . I just downloaded the timer widget to my desktop so I know when something significant will happen . :D :thumbsup:

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