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Henry Paul


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This guy was a riot to talk to! He is so busy he completely spaced on calling me at the scheduled time. So I talked to him that night instead, and he more than made up for his faux pas by talking with me for over an hour and telling me soooo much about the Outlaws, and his bands The Henry Paul Band and Blackhawk.

He gave me some good insight into what it's like for a band on the brink of fame, and told me about his high-school love who, even now 40 years later (and both married to others), he still writes songs about.

One of the more intriguing stories he told me is about the Outlaws' "Green Grass and High Tides." There's much more to it than the Songfacts that are posted. It's not what you would think, and it's definitely not widely known. Stay tuned for the link-feature (that Carl's working on setting up) for the complete interview... :grin:

Here are the Songfacts links for the songs Henry Paul told me about...

Leavin' The Land of The Broken Hearted

Cold Harbor

Girl From Ohio

Green Grass and High Tides


Heavenly Blues

Knoxville Girl

South Carolina

Stay With Me

There Goes Another Love Song


Grey Ghost

Lonely Dreamer

So Long

and for the full interview, go to: http://www.songfacts.com/int/2007/06/henry-paul-outlaws-henry-paul-band.html

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