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American Idol 07

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My predictions:

Melinda will enjoy decent success for the next three years. She will then fade into obscurity, only to make her comeback by starring in the Broadway Musical adaptation of Yertle the Turtle.

Jordin will win the competition, and faced with the confines of a crappy contract, buckle under the stress and become a raging coke-fiend.

Blake will be forced to drop out of the American Idol tour after he becomes pregnant with Chris Richardson's baby.

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My heart swelled with unbridled glee watching Blake sing that god awful assault on my ears that won the songwriter's competition. That was the best song out of all the entries? Really? Like, seriously? I should have taken a crap in an envelope and sent it in...I would have won for sure!

Fine, Jordin is absolutely precious and yes, she made me cry when she choked up at the end. Damn these motherly hormones of mine. }:(

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