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American Idol 07

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Chris Richardson was HOT tonight....He may go all the way! :coolio: Sundance did much better...The guy that did "Let's Get It On"...was good, I don't know why the judges didn't like it...It's not easy singing a Marvin Gaye song, and I thought it sounded pretty good....Oh well, what do I know...LOL :P

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Sundance definitely redeemed himself. I wasn't really impressed by the guy who tried to do Marvin Gaye. Little brother needs to go home now. I liked his hat though. Peaches' dude was really good. The JT clone is going to go far, but I don't like him because there's absolutely nothing original about him. We already have on Timberlake, we definitely don't need another.

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Guys: Chris Richardson? Get the *&^% out of here. Pointless, useless, and talentless. He sang a song about oral sex and dedicated it to his grandmother. Again, get the *&^% out of here. Loved my Chris and Blake is starting to grow on me. He's trying a bit too hard, but I think he does have the talent to back it up. Sweet little brother is breaking my heart with the lack of skills, but damn it, he's so cute. That's gotta count for something in a singing competition. Sundance didn't do anything extraordinary except pick a good song. And the "Let's Get it On" cat was okay, but I was too busy drooling to really listen to what he was singing. :googly:

Girls: Melinda made me cry. I love, love, love her. And LaKisha was really good, but I think she gave the best performance she will ever give last week. That's a shame because everything she does will always be compared to it. But I still love her. I'm fond of one or two of the other girls, but I'm not jumping up and down about any of them.

Sammy, you did Antonella? I hope it was after you did me, because if it was before, I'm going to need to go buy an industrial sized case of Clorox to bathe the funk and crabs off of me. Yikes.

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Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz is the sex song. It doesn't come out and say oral sex, but it is very much implied. Holla, Grandma!

I don't know what's up with the Ready to Make Nice. Perhaps that was a stab at the judges for being mean to her last week. I don't think these children understand what a dedication is. Can we get these people a dictionary, please?

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