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American Idol 07

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I stopped watching when there was about 15 minutes left last night. There are too many of these auditions shows, and they all have lousy people. I can't believe that Randy actually argues back with people when they say things to him. He'd be smart just to shut up. But then, that'd be saying there's a possibility of him being smart...

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I liked the guy (the first week) that said he's slept behind a dumpster before, and works as a gas station attendant. He had a great voice, but it seems all too well scripted for me - like the perfect story: Gas station employee, and bum one day, and America's next Idol the next? C'mon. Nevertheless, the dude had a good voice.

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I am so glad the auditions are over. I'm ready for the final people to be picked so we can get on with the show. The one person I already love is the gnarly looking dude with the curly hair and glasses. I think his name is Chris.

I had a crush on him as soon as I saw him at the auditions!

I'm really surprised at some of the ones they booted. some I really expected to make it to the top twelve.

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