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would you die for your country?


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My country hasn't done anything to me that I would die for. Sure, I know it might be the "birthplace of democracy" and all that crap, but there's other places I could go and be just fine. That's why I'm going to get dual Irish citizenship, so if there is a draft in the next 10-15 years (which I am guessing there will be) I won't have to fight. It's not that I'm anti-America of unpatriotic, but being 6' 9", I'm the first one killed.

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As an American Soldier i am prepared to SAVE my battle buddies, if i should die in the process, then so be it.

This is a cadence we used to sing...

"If I die in the combat zone...repeat...

Box me up and ship me home...

Pin my medals upon my chest...

bury me in the lean and rest...

tell my mother not too cry...

tell my father i done my best...

Yeah, i could go on, but all in all, if i go to iraq, and im pretty sure i will. Im not there for me, im not there for my President. Im there for my Battle Buddies, to get through that one year without gettin my a$$ killed. And ill be coverin the a$$es of my buddies.

Would i kill someone...well, ive been trained to, i guess if it came to it, i would.

Nothing wrong with destroying the evil of the world, as morbid as that sounds.

More from Paul later.

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