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The Shins (you will like this band)

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I thought a lot of people at this stie would like the Shins. They have a really laid back sound, and they sound like a folk group from the 60's. They are greatly influenced by the Beach Boys, especially Pet Sounds era Beach Boys.


that's their myspace, they've got 4 great songs on it. They are...

"The Phantom Limb" their newest single, which my mom likes a lot

"Caring is Creepy" which is from their first album and has a really beautiful melody

"Kissing hte Lipless" which is a little more exciting than their other songs, and

"New Slang" which you may have heard in the movie Garden State. Probably their best song, a modern folk classic, give it a listen! The "ooooooooooh" part will be stuck in your head all day!

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