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Unlikely Zep Favorites ??


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As Long As I Have You (Garnet Mimms)

In his book Led Zeppelin Live: An Illustrated Exploration of Underground Tapes author Luis Rey says

" A Garnet Mimms piece, transformed in one of the most impressive marathon medleys during 1968 and the beginning of 1969. One of the earliest highlights of the show that never saw its way to the official LPs. The consummate Wagnerian-like drama."

As Long As I Have You -

I've got it on the Fillmore West show 4-27-69

The medley includes Fresh Garbage, Shake, Cat's Squirrel, No Money Down, I'm a Man and lasts 18 minutes.

Recently I've learned how to make my own youtubes. So I did one for this song. I had to make it into 3 parts because it's a 18 minute extravaganza.

As Long As I Have You - pt. 1

As Long As I Have You - pt. 2

As Long As I Have You - pt. 3



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I wouldn't really say any of their songs were unlikely they were so good But I do like "Fool In The Rain". "Ramble On" is another favourite of mine that doesn't get much of a mention anywhere so you could call that unlikely.

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"Over the Hills and Far Away"

"Ramble On"

"Your Time is Gonna Come"

how many people here have likely zeppelin songs among their favorites from the band? (i'm thinking this means "Kashmir", "Stairway", "Black Dog", & probably 5 or 6 others every middle schooler has heard). i think half the fun of zeppelin is most people's favorite songs are the ones you don't hear all over the place.

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I like all Zep songs but I'll nominate 1 or 2 from each album that deserve more recognition:

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You / How Many More Times

What is and What Should Never Be / Bring it on Home

Gallows Pole / Since I've Been Loving You

Four Sticks / When the Levee Breaks

Over The Hills and Far Away / The Crunge

In My Time of Dying / In The Light / The Wanton Song

All of Presence, especially For Your Life

In The Evening / Hot Dog

Poor Tom / Ozone Baby / Hey Hey What Can I Do

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A few of mine are..

How Many More Times

Most definite! One of my favs. Up here in Canada during the 60s, they produced the Spider-Man cartoons and the intro to HMMT still reminds me of one of the background tracks in that cartoon.


Of course, this is all IMO -

Best album - I

Least best - In Through the Out Door

Best track from each studio album (sans Coda):

I - How Many More Times

II - The Lemon Song

III - That's the Way

IV - Stairway to Heaven

HOTH - The Rain Song

Physical Graffiti - Night Flight

Presence - Tea for One

ITTOD - Fool in the Rain

My least favs from each album:

I - Your Time Is Gonna Come

II - Moby Dick

III - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

IV - The Battle of Evermore

HOTH - D'yer Mak'er (we used to call it the Belly-Ache song. I still can't stand the track and consider it one (if not the one) of their worst tracks)

Physical Graffiti - Trampled Under Foot

Presence - Candy Store Rock

ITTOD - Hot Dog


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