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Lost In Translation

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I'll do it...

The people of the city disowned and are the fairs, where she says

approximately in the city of prediger of China Jaillissent of plantage

to her and getlteman of the professor of the university came, that an

attention is he, that is to say, from her maintenance of the city

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The people of the city are strange and them are proud of, where they

speak we about the city of the plantage about China

Lord, the prediger and the lord of the professor came, who is them an attention,

who is, them maintenance of the city

I re-babelized and used the first english translation as well as splitting it up into what it would look like on the Songfacts lyric site.

Hope this helps! (It is a very popular song!)

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The people of the town are strange

And they're proud of where they came

Well, you're talkin bout China Grove

Oh, China Grove

China Grove - Doobies ? :)

IF that is correct... then here's my maiden effort at this! :) (really easy one...)

Still they have become fullfilled here, go you to the legend that you demand spurt the freedom, to the morning those of which if it reduces if in you? It is only exact who you would have that to play the method, to which you create it, but with the attention she feels disturba of her insulator to go away for the point under the alcohol-ill programs of reading of the person that struck it calmed the internal part, the end to remember of, the one that what you he had and which you destroyed and which you had and which you destroyed

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Now here you go again

You say you want your freedom

Well who am I to keep you down?

It's only right that you should

Play the way you feel it

But listen

carefully to the sound

Of your loneliness

Like a

heartbeat .. drives you mad

In the stillness of remembering

what you had

And what you lost ...

And what you had

And what you lost

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Is that right?

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Okay, here goes:

It is an arsenal of the pulse of the detonation of 9 or ' in a normal

mass of Saturday when to beat it it will be here near an old man, of

that one he them seats to the face of me the love with average of

relati you of the stabilization and of Wacholderbusch of a

well-educated way

Want to know something weird? As I was typing in the lyrics of this song, it came on the radio.....spooky!

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no fight necessary, I'll just post a very easy one:

The age of the ice comes, the sun, that is bourdonnant in the

procedure of the leaves of operation (planning) of the fusion,

magnifies to the cereal that the operation centers them of the

external power-part of the rechazamiento of the motor, but I do not

have London that a cause of the fear puts in a furnace and the I,

alive I to the face of the river

Shawna gets the first opportunity to answer :grin:

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YAY! :grin: :)

this one shouldn't be too hard either :)

In tapes of oats it is the company/signature, the automobile of the

luggage that thinks, the end to come is divided of T-Camicia of the

company, stupid Tuesday that it connects outside. The man, is to him a

boy of ackward, you left relative of the marks one much stay to be

developed. They are, his they eggman, they eggmen to the morning, I

that I am vice

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