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Lost In Translation

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Wow... here's an easier one...

to it an incubus, the relative applicable complete thought therefore,

was it has visualized me that, the slow devil of the cause of walkin

goes not on the vigliacco. A better passage from the giungla, Woa,

still do not consider with see.

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You´re right, it was easy... I´m not good at this...

Guess this one:

Low the patients, around take with the good effect to an edge of the

cycle of spendthrift the red, the end to say hardly, if goin is

something,', when selling to the hard test receives the updated

restoration not arrested, writes Braille takes to traverse the

obstructed interior ignition, more when presser than the branch

connects army, if he were gone flied sight them of kidskin, that took

with the effect

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"Philosophy, is maintenance in religion of Mueslischachtel, is smile in

dog, of that not I turn fullfilled to many things, of that, know fact

that the white man of I, if sapete, of which before what will refrán

to appreciate, you of the end I he obstructs in water very deeply one,

makes too deep, of that one you I am not you I am, of that she you are

you you are, who you he are, or who"

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