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SONGS THAT STICK! open for requests


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Okay, I'm into sort of pop-ish type music...actually i have a wide variety of strange things that I enjoy...here is a list from a recent CD i made of random things I like. Reply if you like any...or dislike any... or have any suggestions for other cool songs I might like. THANKS!!!

Here is my list:

Various OutKast songs

She's so High-everclear

Ace of Base songs

The Way- fastball

Summertime- Fantasia!

Usher, J-kwon, other mild rap-type songs

In My Life-Beatles

Theme song and other cool songs on Doug, the Nick Cartoon

Harry Potter stuff

You raise me up- josh groban

old songs like under the boardwalk

Perfect Day- Hoku

There She Goes- sixpence none the richer

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

I love you always forever- Donna Lewis

There you go! Thanks again for ANY replies

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you're taste is actually kinda like mine, likin a bit of this and that. i'll have a root through me archives and see what i can pull out for ya that ya might like to d/l.... for now hmmmmm.... try a band called reamonn, the songs i like best are supergirl and josephine. hope ya like! :drummer:

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