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"Love Storm" by Lisa Loeb (more lyrics)

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TBS' (Japan) series "Batsu Kare" ("One Boyfriend Down"/"Divorced Boyfriend") has an interesting theme song, performed by Lisa Loeb. (This comedy would be titled "Four and a Half Men" vs. Four Women, if Fox TV got hold of it.) At episode #9, additional lyrics appeared, and a "Dear John" date followed the song.

"Koi no Arashi" or, Love Storm (Mariya Takeuchi)

My heart is shaking

I'm on fire, tonight

Passionate fingers took me by surprize

I can't go on like this

Aching to feel your kiss

Holding my love deep inside.

I thought we'd always be the best of friends

But now I see that's how our love began

I can't stop thinking of

My first taste of your love

I'm guilty and that's a sin.

Dance, dance, dance

Touching cheek to cheek

Pressing our bodies close

As we keep dancing

Chance, chance, chance

What have we got to lose?

We have the right to choose

Falling in love

*Driving past city lights

*with you so near

*Watching the rain

*shine down like neon tears

*Let's turn the engine off

*and let's start talking by

*Whispering your love endlessly

Rain, rain, rain

Falling so hard and loud

But we can't hear it now

Let's let the love storm rage

Pain, pain, pain

Want it so bad I ache

Kiss me again, I pray

Let's fall in love

(Let's fall in love)

I mention this song because it isn't to be found in any Lisa Loeb collection outside of Japan. (Kinda like the Carpenters version of "The Rainbow Connection" was an A&M Asia-only thing some years ago.) :beatnik: It sounds like this:


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Ever been in a "Love Storm"?
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