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Some of the best music I've heard in the past few years has come from overseas. Streaming music stations on the web are a godsend! I'm especially enamored of the darkwave/gothic and gothic metal/progressive/symphonic sound from Scandinavia, which in turn has led me back to similar groups from right here in the states. This forum seems pretty U.S./UK -centric. Do you guys follow the music scene from more exotic locales? What's your favorite sound or group?

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The only place I've heard much music from besides the USA's stuff is Japan. I don't really listen to much anymore because most of what I've heard pales in comparison to other stuff, but some of the bands I had an interest in at the time were Dir en Grey (heavy metal), the Brilliant Green (pop/rock), Younha (pop/rock), and Ellegarden (punk rock).

I still listen pretty often to a cross-genre composer named Yoko Kanno. Her songs are a lot of fun to listen to.

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I like most kinds of German Rock music (obviously :grin:)

but I also like eg French Electronica (Daft Punk, St. Germain, Air) or Swedish Rock (The Cardigans, The Hives, The (International) Noise Conspiracy or Moneybrother)

and probably a few other styles from other countries as well :)

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