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I had to write an ode for English class, and this is what I came up with... it didn't have to be 100 percent factual and kind of reminded me of doing a ballad (like Midnight Rambler or something, or We Didn't Start The Fire.)... so what do you all think?

Free love, long hair, Janis Joplin overdare

Woodstock, peace, love, rock 'n' roll!

Goin' to the moon ona Magic Carpet Ride

With blood shot eyes ana peace sign

Rest in peace Mojo Risin, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, the fall of James Brown!

No Starship, just the Airplane, Rolling Stone's in-the-flesh!

Rock 'n' roll still alive,

blues still in the jive!

Keith Richard's cocaine blues,

Jones drowning ina swimming pool.

Days when Marianne Faithfull still looked good, yeah, yeah!

Pallenberg digging Jagger

Joplin walkin' witha swagger!

John Lennon still among,

An' Plant speaking in tongue!

Ode to '69,

the Woodstock days,

and lazy May's,

peace, love, music, yow.

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