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Question about login

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Okay, this is what confusing me. There is a login regarding the messageboards and there is a login regarding making comments/facts about the songs and artists. Here is my question: I have been logged in ever since yesterday, not on the messageboards, but on the song/group comments and facts. How do I logout?



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You know what Mom always said, "Don't eat too many cookies, you'll spoil your dinner."

Mike's got it, there is no logout on the main Songfacts site, you have to delete your cookie. There just isn't a need to logout on the main site b/c there isn't anything that can be harmed if someone else gets on your computer and uses your identity. Also, it saves you from logging in each time you want to submit a fact or make a request. Let me know if you want to delete your cookie and need instructions. :)

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